Art Valuation :

The art market operates in a model that considers more aspects than just demand and supply. It is the type of a market where art is bought and sold for values based not only on a work's perceived value, but on both its past monetary value, as well as its predicted future value.

Art Conexion assists in estimating the potential market value of works of art of our clients. This process involves intensive research by compiling and comparing data from multiple sources such as art auction houses, art collectors, curators, gallery owners, experienced consultants, and specialized market analysts to arrive at an appropriate value. Art Valuation helps clients evaluate their art work value and is also helpful for insurance purpose.

Conservation and Restoration:

With a substantial, investment and emotional attachment of the art collectors towards their paintings, it is imperative to maintain and preserve the works of art and protect them from future damage and deterioration. At Art Conexion, we advice our clients the various methods to handle and conserve their valuable artworks, in the best possible manner.

Over a period of time some works may get damaged or loose their original colour and texture. Art restoration is the process to repair or renovate artworks that have already sustained damage or decay, to something approaching their original undamaged appearance.

Art Conexion collaborates with a team of experts to provide assistance to our clients to restore their artworks.


It is essential to protect art works against financial loss due to physical loss or damage. We assist clients to connect with insurance agencies, which provide customized insurance policies. This is beneficial to our clients who are concerned about safe guarding their valuable collection.